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Online Guitar Tracks for your recordings

As an experienced producer and guitarist, I love playing on new recordings. 

Now from my home studio I can record tracks for anyone, anywhere in the world in a very simple process.


Apart from my past music releases which can be found here, check out my Instagram and Facebook of me playing to get an idea of what I might be able to do for your project. 

Sign up to our mailing list as we will be adding more of my session tracks as they develop.

Step 1: Contact me here and we can work out what the project requires. 

Then send me a stereo track in either WAV, AIFF or MP3 via a dropbox link then I upload that into my recording software and can lay my parts. 


It can be everything from Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Dobro and banjo. And of course lead guitar.

All done to your requested taste which we work out in the initial stage. 

Step 2: Tracks are uploaded into the dropbox for you or your engineer to download and import into your recording session  and do as you like with.

Step 3: We can work together to refine ideas and if required run some more tracks  to make sure your project is sounding great. 

All payment info and terms and conditions will be provided in the initial communications. 

What the clients say 

When you go into the studio there's a certain crunch-time to getting everything done. Having Thor working with me on my recent project gave us the ability to multi- task while still having the same attention to detail. Thor is an excellent player, easy to  communicate with and his services are both quality and affordable. I couldn't recommend anyone more.

Georgina Grimshaw Singer songwriter March 2018

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